Financial Disclosures

2018 City of Pickering Municipal Election Financial Disclosures

Charts are included in the Workbook below. You can visit for more in-depth explanations.


Explanatory Notes

All data analyzed was taken from various City of Pickering websites.

2018 Election Financial Statements:

Council Member Disclosure Statements (Gifts) 2019 onward:

If you want to search City of Pickering public records including meeting minutes and agendas, the City actually has a fantastic feature (props to the Clerks Office, or whoever runs it). Go ahead a type a donor's name or a company name into the search feature and see what you get.

Where a link couldn't be determined, donors were designated with a (?) in the source file. Where it appeared after searching City records and OSINT that a donor was just a local business or resident otherwise just donating to a Councilor and had no development interests, they were designated as "No". This list could be wrong: happy to correct it if someone sees something amiss.